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Airport Parking Overview

Written by Mitchell Airport.

The Milwaukee  Airport provides a quick and easy solution for travelers with many parking options including short term, long term and weekly parking.

Parking Garage

The parking garage is divided into Daily and Hourly sections, and is connected to the terminal by moving temperature controlled walkways. Only vehicles shorter than 7’0″ will be allowed in the parking garage – taller vehicles are required to park in either the Surface or SuperSaver lots. Vehicles taller than 6′ 2″ cannot park in aisles A or B in the parking garage.

Hourly Parking

If you are staying for less than 5 hours, then the Hourly section of the parking garage is the best choice. Stays of an hour or less are

free – convenient for a quick walk into the terminal to accompany a passenger, or if you’re waiting for an arriving passenger. Hourly

parking is available on the 3rd & 4th floors (RED area).

Daily Parking

If you are staying longer than 5 hours or overnight, then the Daily section of the parking garage is your best choice.

Surface Lot

For larger vehicles,the Surface Lot is located immediately south of the parking structure and is within walking distance of the terminal.

Cell Phone Waiting Area

For those picking up passengers, Mitchell Airport offers a Cell Phone Waiting Area. Forget driving around in circles while waiting for

family and friends to arrive. Simply pull in and enjoy one hour of free parking while waiting for the phone call. It is located within the

Surface Lot with 30 designated parking spaces.


Mitchell Airport’s SuperSaver Lot provides a convenient and inexpensive parking option. The SuperSaver lot is located on Air Cargo

Way only minutes from the terminal. Free shuttle buses run every 10 minutes, 24 hours a day. Follow the signs on the Airport Spur or

from Howell Avenue.

Oversized, Van & Tall Vehicle Parking (Surface and SuperSaver)

Vans & vehicles taller than 7′ 0″ can park in the Surface Lot or the SuperSaver Lot. Oversized vehicles using more than one space

are charged for the total number of spaces used.

Disabled-Designated Parking

Handicap accessible spaces are located in both the Hourly and Daily sections of the parking garage. Please follow the overhead

signage. The third floor of the parking garage has an enclosed temperature controlled moving walkway that connects to the terminal. The moving walkway will transport you to the center skywalk, which leads into the terminal.

You can reach the walkway via all of the elevators.

Surface Lot disabled-designated

spaces are located in the first aisle. No shuttle service is provided from the Surface Lot to the terminal. In SuperSaver Lot A,

disabled-designated spaces are located next to Shelter 2, Area D (a shuttle pickup shelter). Most shuttles have wheelchair lifts; there

also is a phone in the shelter patrons can use to request a lift-equipped shuttle.

Smart Pass

If you are in a hurry, the Smart Pass is your best bet to get in and out of the airport quickly at all of Milwaukee Airport’s parking

locations. Smart Pass is linked to your credit card, and lets users skip the process of taking paper parking tickets and waiting in line to pay. Simply wave your card and you are on your way. Much less worry as you are quickly on your way.

Amtrak Station Parking

The Milwaukee Airport is conveniently locates next to the Amtrack Station. The parking lot is located on 6th Street, south of Grange

Avenue and the Airport Spur. Parking is $6 per 24 hour period.
International travelers depart from the Main Terminal. Passengers who are making International departures should use the parking

garage, Surface or SuperSaver lots. Ten (10) parking spaces are available west of the International Terminal for arriving passenger

pickups only.


* All prices are subject to change. Please call in advance for accurate pricing.

Official Airport Info

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  • Milwaukee, WI 53207
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